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Government Sites

Lee County Government

Good-looking site. Useful, too!

Florida State Senate 

"To sign up for the Tracking service, just click on the tab "Tracker" on the top right of the page to set up your account and password. To find a bill of interest, just enter the bill number in the "Go To Bill" box at the top of the page. Click "Go" If you want to see all the bills that have been filed, put All in the "Go To Bill" box. Scroll down the list to choose a bill you might be interested in following. Click on one to read a description, see who introduced it, check on activity. If you want to automatically track this bill, just click on the Tracking symbol at the right. To see if a similar bill has been filed in the Florida House, click on "Related Bills."

Florida State House 

"The "Legislative Tracking" sign up on the House site is on the top line. You do not have to sign up again if you already did so on the Senate website. To check the activity of a particular bill, select "Bills" on the top line of the webpage. Enter the number of the bill you wish to see. HB in front of the number is not needed. Scroll down to see description, sponsor, activity, and related bills. Click the Tracking symbol. If you don't know a bill number but know the sponsor, bills can also be found under the sponsor's name.

Florida On-Line 

"The Official Guide to the State of Florida Legislature."  Find State legislators' names, addresses, voting records. Read about pending and passed bills and who voted for them; find info about Florida's constitution and its statutes, its government, tourism and lobbying.


U.S. Post Office

Provided here for your postal convenience. This site provides the fastest info on mailing costs,  classifications, zip codes; and you can even print your own postage!


Last but not least!     Find any of the above and MORE MORE MORE! This all-purpose directory of government includes: House, Senate, White House, NASA, IRS, Social Security, US Postal Service, Library of Congress, CIA World Factbook, Census, OSHA, EPA, NOAA, FAA, Federal Reserve, Military; Executive Agencies (Agriculture, Education, Energy, etc.); state and local government sites; AND MORE! 

U.S. Senate 

Find your Senator's name, phone #, FAX, e-mail, and voting record.

U.S. House

Find your Representative's name, addresses and voting record

U.S. Congressional Library 

Provided by the U.S. Library of Congress. Look up records of bills (pending, passed and failed) by name, number or subject, their current status, which congress- men to contact, etc.


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