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Democratic Sites


The Democratic Club of 

Cape Coral 

Interesting site.


The Democratic Women's Club of Lee County

Feel free to browse.






Kick 'em out


Florida Democratic Party  

This is the official site of the Democratic Party of Florida. Read about the party goings-on in our state. There's even a link to become a Democrat (just in case you aren't already).

Democratic Women's Club of Florida 

The DWCF is a member of the National Women's Federation. Our club is a member of the DWCF. 




The Democratic National Committee:  

 This is the official site of the National Democratic Party.

New Democrats On-Line

The Democratic Leadership Council (and the politics of Bill Clinton). 


    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  Keep up with the national Democratic Committee through this site.

National Federation of Democratic Womens Clubs:

The NFDW hosts national and state-level conferences and activities designed to support the extraordinary group of women who support our goals and ideals.


President Obama


Change will not come

if we wait

for some other person

or some other time.

We are the ones

we've been waiting for.

We are the change that we seek.


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